Our Mission

We strive to provide the finest primary care services in the world. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Adult medicine (preventive care, acute illnesses, hospital, and nursing home care).
  • Pediatric medicine (well child, preventive, acute illnesses, and hospital care).
  • Obstetrical medicine (low and high risk obstetrics).
  • Special procedures include circumcision, vasectomy, colonoscopy, tubal ligation after childbirth, colposcopy, upper GI endoscopy, skin biopsy, cryosurgery, endometrial biopsies, audiograms, and more!

More than the above, we also seek to provide each of our patients with a “medical home”, that is, a safe place within the health care system where they are known, respected, and their health and well being is protected. We can treat you when you are ill but we would rather help keep you well.
Prevention is our passion.